Wednesday, 16 May 2007


...Although it sounds like the name of some religious icon of the Cinematic era, the title actually describes the way the Pop star was seen in London in the past few days. Madonna is busy on the set of her first movie as director Filth and Wisdom, a 30 minutes short said to be a sexually charged comedy with religious undertones, rumored to be inspired by the life of Mrs. Ciccone-Ritchie herself. The film is planned to be wrapped in July (probably before Madonna's appearance at the Live Earth Concert on the 7th of July) and people close to the star declared it is expected to do brilliantly on the Festivals circuits.

It's no news that Madonna is fatally attracted to filmmaking, it has been crystal clear since day one (remember Desperately Seeking Susan? a pleasant little film dated 1985 that incredibly earned a Golden Globe Nomination and a Bafta Award to Rosanna Arquette for best performance!), actress on set and lawfully wedded partner of actors and directors of the likes of Sean Penn and Guy Ritchie off-set, the multi-talented queen of pop hasn't just had a fascination with the silver screen, but in her career she has collected a record of 88 soundtracks, 22 roles as actress and 10 as producer. Now she steps on the director's chair and however strange it might sound at first, it seems to be nothing more than the obvious development. More so considering the fact that the ex- material girl has got two more projects as producer: the horror film Digger by John A. Gallagher and This is America by Larry Charles (director of the recent Borat film). Both titles are produced under the wing of Maverick Red, the company that Madonna runs together with the Israeli Guy Oseary

I guess that all is left to say is: the proof of the pudding is in the eating...

Following is the trailer of Desperately Seeking Susan and an old(ish) interview in which Madonna "challenges" a young Italian MTV type of guy of great beauty and scarce insight (this goes straight in the category: How not, ever, conduct an interview!)

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