Wednesday, 16 May 2007


In a matter of minutes the 60th Cannes Film Festival will open its doors, the film to mark this moment is My Bluberry Nights by Wong Kar-Way, the Hong Kong director we discovered in Locarno in 1994 where he got nominated for Chung Hing sam lam, re-discovered with Happy Together, loved with In the Mood for Love and declared a master with 2046.

My Bluberry Nights is his first "american" film, it features a prestigious and refined cast (Jude Law, Tim Roth, Rachel Weisz e Natalie Portman), it marks the film debut of talented singer Norah Jones, and promises all the stylistic trademarks and ambience for which the director got his way right into the high ranking positions of best filmmakers worldwide. The plot is the simplest known to man: the film is a delicate road-movie narrating the story of a young girl, Elizabeth, who hits the road after breaking up with her boyfriend, starting a journey of self-discovery; along the way she will meet surreal characters who will help her in the quest.

Only suspicion on the work is the daring choice of the director to cut his "marriage" with Christopher Doyle – supreme master among DOPs, without any dubt one of the best ever – who lended his eye to Kar-Way's visions in 8 films (from Days of being wild to La mano, episode of the collective Eros), a strong and succesful collaboration reminisent of these such as Bergman/Nykvist, Spielberg/Kaminski. For both My Bluberry Nights and The Lady from Shanghai (Kar-Way's next made-in-USA film, a remake of the 1947 Orson Welles' film by the same name.) photography has been put in the hands of Darius Khondji a gifted french-iranian DOP who signed the infernal tones of Se7en and The Ninth Gate.

Here is My Blueberry Night's TRAILER

Following the videos of the trailers for In the Mood for Love and Days of being wild:

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